Smart, liberated data

Is only possible when you have a smart, liberated vision. Coping without an ESB platform is unheard of in many business sectors that heavily rely on the fast switching of ever-changing data.

Hospitality is among the oldest businesses on Earth and has taken a while adapting to the challenges of the digital age. Every shiny new technology has defined its particular connection protocols and another level of complexity to the landscape, but often those connections do not play well with others.

This disparity has been damaging the ongoing data-flow, and as business succeeds on a real-time evaluation, it has become more critical than ever to ensure clean, fast and reliable data is in the system. 

More importantly, all hotel technology should be able to connect to the same data stream, subscribing to events, and publishing updates to enrich that same data, passing it further along the chain.

An Enterprise Service Bus takes control of this central process, guaranteeing delivery of the right data, to the right place, and at the right time. Today, data must be instant and verified.

Smart, liberated data in a hotel setting hails the start of the next-generation of hotel technology innovation!


Does the hospitality industry need platform technolgy?



Android Platform

Vendor-neutral, all Apps
Everything connects together
Immediate deployment
Click-to-try or click-to-buy

Save on integration costs
One-click install/uninstalls
Always up-to-date

Ready to deploy instantly:
Innovative hotel technology

protel APP-STORE


protel CENTRAL

Central Configuration

Configuration of individual hotels – also changes in the hotel codes when switching to another chain

Guaranteed API integrity
Guaranteed data security & validation
HTNG standardized
Real-time 2-way communication
Hotel-wide, deep integration
Access all data-calls
Massively scalable

Connected and secure:
Robust, efficient data layer



Immediate access
All developer tools
Coded for fast deploy deployment
Sandbox environment
Define and browse messaging types

Map existing messaging structure
Reuse existing integrations

Packed with hotel-insight:
Developer tools for speedy deployment

protel BUILD


What the Press Says


protel.I/O solves today's biggest hospitality tech industry challenge. 
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What the industry is sorely lacking is an agnostic service bus. Not only does protel have this, but...   Read it here.

Another First for protel. Click-to-Install Interfaces! Faster integration. Faster implementation. Hotel innovation.
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A brief history of property management systems, selfish giants, utopia, and Oscar Wilde. Yes, we are listening!
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Run hotels at optimum performance: protel GENIUS

Guests, staff, data and business. Loop it all together and deploy predictive and prescriptive analytics across the whole group. Automatically bundle personalized, irresistable packages on-the-fly, offer them via directly-owned channels throughout the property! 

Raise the game, optimize revenue generation, impress hotel guests.

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Breaking down the hospitality data-silos

Vendor-neutral, reliable, fast-paced, low-cost build-and-deploy cycles for anyone who relies on #hoteltech!

We think that simplifying the integration process, making it rapid and reliable while reducing costs, will lead to the industry innovation breakthroughs that have long been promised.

Allowing hotels to pick, mix and test cutting-edge technologies across the whole group, combining existing solutions with new functions from vendors otherwise outside their practical reach, will invigorate the market.

Vendor-neutrality will finally allow hotels to deploy true best-of-breed technological solutions.

An ever-growing product palette comprising the best technologies from across all vendors is ready to be customized by mouse-click to deliver a highly performant and individual solution to each and every hotel.

The platform enables hotels to do hotel, and the technologists to do technology - and it all just works.

Central Guest Profiles

Customer data management, incl. match & merge and synchronization with connected CRM systems

Central Security

Advanced identity management – the key to a secure system

Central Reservations

Reservation management – availability and rates incl. synchronization with connected CRS systems

Central Rates

Management of rates and restrictions

Central Synchronization

Parity across all connected platforms, providers, solutions and territories

Breaking down the hospitality data-silos

"Built on experience, shaped for the future"

protel: the hotel software pros


protel is the hotel PMS and platform pioneer with over 14,000 hotel customers in 90+ countries. protel's new enterprise hospitality platform - consisting of an enterprise service bus called protel.I/O and a multi-hotel solution called protel CENTRAL - is a breakthrough for the industry. This innovative solution was a finalist for the HTNG TechOvation Award in 2018.

It's the only technology that allows hotels with multiple integrations to aggregate all specialist technology behavior to a central level, thus creating a secure, vendor-neutral, open infrastructure to store, access, integrate and use their data from any guest touchpoint in real time. 

As a result, hotel CEO's, CIO's and CMO's can take control of their technology infrastructure and create best of breed ecosystems that deliver best-in-class guest experiences. protel's global headquarters were established 24 years ago in Dortmund, Germany and U.S. headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia.

Visit for more information on the PMS solutions that have made protel the heart of many leading hotels of the world.

Reducing hotel technology implementation and deployment costs
with this simplified service consisting of three main components

The fully-connected Enterprise Layer for painless centralized management. Secure, robust and flexible.

Android Platform

protel CENTRAL

Multi-Hotel Management

The fully-connected Enterprise Layer for painless centralized management. Secure, robust and flexible, with all the configuration possibilities larger hotel groups usually design and implement themselves, but without the hassle.

Android Platform

protel GENIUS

Data-store & Recommendation Engine

Accessing all data traversing the protel.I/O infrastructure and outputting actionable insights based on business strategy. Use for up- and cross-selling via WHISPER-SCREENS, individual packaging for the IBE, and dashboard management reporting. 

Android Platform


Vendor-neutral hotel technology

Where the market meets and trades. Newest hotel-friendly Apps meet tech-friendly hotels. Everything can be customized, and everything works with everything else. Fast integration at the click of a mouse.

Android Platform


Next-generation Enterprise Service Bus 

Lean and efficient ESB technology providing a deeply embedded service layer, to deliver robustly validated and secure data communication in real-time


Four key components for success



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