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OTA Insight



The shared data, accessible for all, and running on a robust infrastructure is the lifeblood not only of the hotel - but also of the whole ecosystem of connected technologies. Together, the industry is finally moving towards a common goal: enabling any hotel to immediately benefit from cutting-edge technology, without risking non-compatibility or vendor lock-in issues.

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Best-of-Breed technology - Hassle-free

Revenue Insight is the business intelligence platform that delivers smarter hotel analytics by combining historical and future performance.

Make hotel-level reporting simpler, better and faster with dynamic analytics on your Revenue Management KPIs. With Revenue Insight, users can compare their performance YoY in just a single click.

Atomize finds growth opportunities in your hotel and predicts what price changes should be done to earn more. Each suggestion can be rejected, revised or accepted by you, the one who knows the big picture of the whole business. Accepted actions will be applied automatically to your PMS, and once you trust our price recommendations fully, you can switch on auto-pilot. 

Oaky is a commission-free upselling platform which helps hotels maximize profit and enhance the guest experience. Browsing from best-selling upsell offers, hoteliers can add personalised guest-facing deals in a matter of minutes, and promote them through perfectly timed guest communication. 


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protel Hospitality Platform

The protel Hospitality Platform offers a best-in-class, total infrastructure encompassing all serious hospitality IT solutions in one standard, accessible framework. Backed, administered and developed by one of the world’s leading hotel technology brands

"The use of Atomize is one of the factors that have resulted in an increase of 18% in revenue during Q1, 2019"

Olivia Byrne, Company Director, Eccleston Square Hotel in London

"Revenue Insight is a real game changer for our business. In the past six months, we’ve seen a total revenue increase of over $400,000 and an RGI increase of 7.4% YoY by shifting business to more profitable segments."

 Alexis Warburton, Regional Director, Revenue Management and Distribution, Highgate 

Sean Fitzpatrick

CEO - OTA Insight

Erik Tengen


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“With our old tool, we got a conversion rate of around 0.5% for the breakfast deal. With Oaky, this has risen to 5%, which has strongly impacted our breakfast revenue.” 

Michele Di Cesare Cluster Revenue Manager - Radisson Blu es. Rome


“As Germany’s largest hotel, it is essential that we make use of the latest technologies and most powerful tools in hotel property management available today. After careful research and review, we have concluded that working with protel, the experienced provider of hotel management systems will give our reservation, front office, and housekeeping departments the optimal tools for their daily work.” 

Ute Jacobs, General Manager Estrel Berlin 

Alexander Edström

CEO - Atomize

Manfred Osthues

CEO - protel