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The protel.I/O best-in-class total infrastructure encompasses all serious IT solutions in one standard, accessible framework. Backed, administered and developed by one of the world’s leading hotel technology brands.

Built on award-winning Amazon AWS, this framework grows with demand, scales at speed, and always includes the latest market-approved toolset from the brands you already know and trust.

Be a part of this historic journey to the joined-up, data-driven efficiencies of intelligent enterprise.

The future just got much closer.

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Technology, as it should be.

As depicted in the diagram below, the protel.I/O Enterprise Hospitality Framework connects all areas of the hotel's technical infrastructure, allowing data to pass freely between otherwise disparate ecosystems. The real beauty is the fact that each separate system can alter and re-use this constant data-stream, thereby adding maximum value.

Naturally, this is a real-time system, listening out for, and updating all component parts with the relevant activity data instantaneously.

The future just got much closer.

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...the disruption starts here!


protel GENIUS

mining & decisions.

So much more than pretty dashboards, this enterprise data module with its all-encompassing predictive analysis will match perishable inventory to future spend, reveal actionable pricing data for yielding, and more besides. Use this advantage to sculpt win/win offers that your guests will not be able to refuse.Read more

Component Connectivity

Limitless extensions 
to hotel operations.

Critical support components like Accounting, Event-management, F&B Ops, SPA/Leisure and more, are all now part of the same infrastructure, enriching and benefitting from the same data stream. There are no more limits. Read more

protel WBE

Web Booking Engine, 
Digital Experience Services.

Delivering a superior digital retail experience just got much easier. Drawing on fresh data provided instantly by the decision based analytics engine (protel GENIUS), display it within your retail environments on auto-pilot. Segmented, tuned and optimised, your offers and packages will be delivered to buying customers on your website, virtually spoon-fed, directly at their point-of-need. Read more

protel PMS

Property Ops
Cloud and On-premise.

Manage guest data with up-to-the minute likes, dislikes and spending profile. PMS and 3rd party spend data is instantly synchronized across loyalty and data warehouse systems. The insight this generates can be immediately put to profitable use.  Read more

Enterprise Hospitality Framework

The disruption starts here!

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Passionate Loyalty/CRM

Guest-Experience via 
Smart Guest Profiles

Pimp your loyalty programs with transactional spend and activity data, then mix and match the best deals for the best guests, at the best time. Prompt your staff to take action via Whisper Screens.Read more


Easily win back business from the OTAs. Dynamically packaged special offers based on data driven, perishable insights. The fine-tuned recommendation engine of protel GENIUS will give your chain the edge with irresistible offers that no OTA can beat.


Integration point-to-multipoint is the new paradigm! A POS in a single transaction should update a PMS, a Guest Loyalty balance and a data warehouse with all transaction details. protel.I/O centralises integration management, and monitoring, thus reducing integration complexity. This also speeds up the integration process itself, allowing swift and further development on the full suite of industry standard APIs.


Hotel owners today do not want to negotiate with a plethora of hotel solution vendors. They want a fully integrated suite of best-in-class solutions from a single, stable, respected global vendor who can install, support and maintain their solution set.


Thanks to intensive, real-time analytical processing across all guest touchpoints, your business will automatically make smart decisions – that will continue to get smarter. Output this actionable data via our Whisper Screen technology, and your staff are empowered to follow along, enhancing and underlining guest-recognition and personal interaction at the same time.


Open systems without proprietary constraints! Today many proprietary vendors are restricting customer access to their own data. Establishing punitive costs for Interfaces and Services just to provide customers their own data. This is not our way at all.

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Intelligent Distribution

Central Reservations
& Channel Management

Push timely data-driven dynamic packages out to your GDS, OTA and Metasearch networks. Profit directly from next-gen CRS “profile aware” Big Data synchronization. Read more

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